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A link to a recent worshop in Germany showing the h/p/cosmos locomotion can be seen at

Follow this link to the newest addition to the rehabilitation range the robowalk



Cortex CPX/CPET systems provide flexible options for CPX testing while performing the Six Minute Walk Test as well as many other applications.



Cyclus2 offers the injured Cyclist the opportunity of training indoors on a familiar bike. The Wingate Anaerobic test is included in the built-in tests on the control panel.



Customed offers a comprehensive package of products including Cardiac Rehabilitation

Custo-cardio Concept wireless ECG monitoring

Optogait                   Optogait

Optogait is a state of the art system of analysis that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Classically, contact gait analysis has been precise, informative, and costly. This last attribute has limited its use to large biomechanical institutes. To control costs, simple contact pads have been employed. Contact pads, however, cannot assess dynamic motion. Optogait’s innovative design affords doctors, therapists, and researchers the ability to become their own high-tech laboratories; contact analysis is now affordable and portable.

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