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SMR Tech is proud to be the distributor in Australia for:

h/p/cosmos Computerised running-machines (treadmill-ergometers) with further optional equipment. For the commercial sports & fitness market, medical, professional sports and science market, such as rehab centres,  physiotherapists, universities, research centres, biomechanics’ laboratories, sports medicine testing centres, exercise physiology laboratories, cardio-pulmonary stress test facilities,  paraplegic centres, neurologic rehab centres, army and space research and training centres.


Cortex Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, Gas Exchange / Gas Analysis Systems



RBM elektronik-automation GmbH

The Cyclus2 features high precision load resistances which ensure excellent results in performance diagnostics. Since the Cyclus2 allows testing on the test person’s own training- or competition-bike, very precise results can be achieved. There is a large number of institutes offering Cyclus2 Performance Diagnostics


Microgate   Optogait


Based upon the OptoJump experience, OptoGait was born: a system for gait analysis, that can be used on any surface, treadmill included. Now imbedded into the h/p/cosmos treadmills.